Wednesday, October 26, 2011

AAAAAND... She's Back!

After a year long hiatus, I have decided to make the time for MY blog. WooHoo! 'bout time, right? Just to bring you up to date, this is a current pic of my darling family... (EJ is Spencer's best friend and has been living with us for over a year now.) Connect with me on FB to see the rest of the GREAT pics captured that beautiful Sunday afternoon!

So... my problem has always been time. If you know me at all, you know that my day begins early and goes late, and just about every minute is packed with something. Being a fulltime working, single mom of 5+1 is HARD WORK. To manage everyone's schedules plus my own and do all the normal day to day stuff too... I just couldn't see taking time to write.

So my change of thought process came yesterday. I have been managing the social media and writing the blog for my company for about 9 months now. It has been a difficult adjustment for me as when I started, I barely did anything with my own FB page and I knew nothing about technology. (My company deals with technology start-up companies and what is "hip and now"... I don't even have a data package on my phone!). So it took me a lot of time to figure out what to say and then research/write it so I didn't sound like an idiot! Yesterday I took a social media class to try and help myself do it all better, and one of the presenters said something which sounds simple, but was brilliance in my ears. He said that social media is all about the natural conversation. Duh Cristin! My job today has been much easier. I read, I write, I work... easy.

This morning as I was reading one of the many thought provoking emails I receive daily, I realized that I wanted to write something about what I had read, but our company blog wasn't the appropriate forum...

Dunt-da-da-DA! Cristin has a personal blog she hasn't written in for a year... maybe the time has come...So I'll just start with my thoughts today...

Buddha said the way to finding your own portal of wonder and glory is by “walking the middle way”.

Mary Morrissey adds… “The middle way is partly learning how to be moderate in all things. It is finding that middle path inside yourself where all of you agrees with the decision you are making --not just part of you, but all of you.”

My thoughts? Sometimes our path doesn’t look the way we thought it was going to and that can leave us feeling frustrated and unsettled. Maybe we should be a little gentler with ourselves... I have decided that not everyone was made to fit into the same box. We were all created in the image of God, but it isn't a cookie cutter mold my friends...

I believe we each have an inner wisdom and compass-acquired by years of experiences, relationships, and opportunities found and lost. This is what creates our core values and helps us "feel" when we are on or off course. We all need “the stars” to continue directing us, but if you trust your compass to steer you straight, my guess is you will find the "middle path" to guide you home.