Friday, September 10, 2010

Introduction to the Parade

I realized something in one of my restless thought processes last night or maybe it was this morning... The only people who really know who I am today, are the ones who are currently in my life and hear my daily happenings. My life is changing so quickly these days. I have chosen a path and find myself in unfamiliar territory at times, but the surroundings are familiar. I guess it is because I am creating the road as I go, using my life experience to make the road what I want it to be. It is a little scary, but exciting, and at the end of each day when I lay my head down, I am generally at peace...

Because there are only a handful of people who are choosing to be followers as my parade goes by, there are few who can even pretend to understand me. I am ok with that though. 1- I don’t feel the need for everyone to understand me and 2- those who are most important to me are here- My children, my closest friends and some of family members. When my parade began, there were so many people waving flags and hollering as I marched by. Because they recognized the path, it was easy to follow. Now, as I have continued marching and changing the path, there are not many who have cared enough to continue. It is only those who watch, and smile in happiness because I am wearing MY smile instead of the “painted on” one that was crafted for me… that follow. They are the ones who care enough to see what I am wearing today, is my hair curly, straight, in a pony tail or did I choose bedhead all day long and the real question is, why... They are the ones who look to see where I am going instead of just wishing that the parade had the same look, feel and route it took last year. I am a very different person today than I was even a year ago, but I would think we all are really. If we choose to embrace life and take it all in, how can we NOT feel a change! Today, I am more genuine and true to myself and those around me than I have ever been. The best parts about me are still here, shining through… the things that needed to change-are… and that is what is causing my route to change.

So I reiterate…The only people who really know who I am today, are the ones who are currently following my parade.

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